08 septembre 2014


  greetings harvest moon giving thanks for gifts of life at every heartbeat
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11 juillet 2014


  barriers and boundaries blow away as mystic winds whirl dead leaves out of sight out of mind  and so it is 
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03 juillet 2014


cats and locks and stars and frocks candles and countless kisses and doors and keys and bumps in the night, butterflies, berries and all things bright,gold and green dragons' fiery hisses: all this and more I'll bestow upon you, my dark-eyed one, my dearest sun, as feathery flocks and bats' cohorts beat eager wings anew.  (revisited and refreshed)  
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14 mai 2014


soon soon a moon moon will bloom unto a starry sky all worlds rock as angels breathe ever so gently  down our necks down the nape of our tickly necks 
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05 mai 2014


the breeze so cool and brisk with ozone hues as swallows bright wing their way swiftly through the gold dust rays wild feathery stars  all beings leap and sing and buzz the woods are steeped in spring time frenzy as bare feet follow the heart's drum path in dew-drenched grass 
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11 février 2014


dreams of you  a lasting hue of mast and sail a name  your voice  transe glance angels laughter bells eternity beckons a golden cup blood and feud a chain invisible honey and brook rowan hazel and yew rainbow and dew 
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02 février 2014


listen to the song of the three stars high above calling a name in the dark twinkling blinking pointing to a well in the wasteland below 
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25 décembre 2013


this morning the sun revealed celestial runes drawing a rainbowand then three deer told me that soon very soon water will flow under bridges as the moon grants my heart's true wish a bitter cup will spill and break and loved ones shall be protected and prosper
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15 décembre 2013


  if you want a magic mirror pour quicksilver into a golden cup let it reflect the full moon for a full five minutesand soon and soon you might just swoon
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03 décembre 2013


new moon and darkness winter cold silently clinging as the wheel spins on 
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