16 mars 2009


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17 octobre 2008


Discover Wishbone Ash! "A SLAVE I COULDN'T BE"
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21 avril 2008


I keep tellin' myself - that it must make senseyeah I keep yelling to myself it will all make sense (dah dah dad)once we look at the sunset babe in the end holding hands and all the while I listen  - to the tapping in tune at a planetary dance    - to the roaring and rolling of dice - to the screeching of the ice- to the sliding of guitars     - to the humming of the stars (and the mountains are my skyline heavenas I cruise the air with my sleek ravenbut honey that thing don't worry me none,... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2007


pick up that red cup, babe,make it brim with honey dewI said pick up that red cup, babeI want some honey, how about youcoz I need something so sweet nowto chase them old dark blues away I'll sing dark blues in the mornin'the sky so cloudy and dark blueyeah I'll sing them blues in the mornin'the sky so dark and cloudy blueand I'll sing them some more in the evenin'go to sleep and think of you as I stood by the tall treethe angel came my wayhe said: look at the branches yondermaking waves just as they sway that's your destiny,... [Lire la suite]
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